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Average for Last Month January 2018
Profit: £849
Overall Average Profit Overall Profit
2018: £35,848
Average ROI Avg ROI:
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Race Dates
DATE: Race Course
COURSE: Race Selection
ODDS: Race Points
POINTS: Race Results
24/02/18 NEWCASTLE 16:30 ACDC 3'1 3 UNPLACED
24/02/18 KEMPTON 15:35 JOSSES HILL 16'1 3 UNPLACED
24/02/18 KEMPTON 15:35 MASTER DEE 8'1 3 1ST

Current Balance to date: 1390.07points

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Since January 2016 we have generated £35,848

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Based on £10 per Point Stakes with 2-5pt Win Bet Stakes

How does BETS 2 U Work

Bets 2 U provides daily horse racing tips with the aim of making long
term profit on horse racing.
Since January 2016, our tips have been very successful and generated
£35,848 on just £10 per point stakes which is a fantastic £1,379 per

-- These results were obtained at the optimum time to get the best
results from a variety of bookies, your results may vary. --

Your subscription means you receive horse racing tips every day via
email so you can use the tips on your favourite betting websites.

Each tip is backed by high quality research and you can be sure that
you are making the right bets by following these tips.

All selections are the result of many years of research and fine tuning
which have developed into a highly profitable and consistent betting

With a return on investment of 42.35% from around 85 -110 bets each
month, Bets 2 U provides the ideal tipping service for first time and
established horse racing aficionados.

Make sure you sign up to our FREE tips subscription, these tips are
additional to the main strategy.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a
registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and
used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.


We have memberships for Monthly & 3 Monthly

Free Membership - Free Beeting Tips-
Monthly Betting Membership-
3 Monthly Betting Membership-

Monthly product: Your initial charge will be £2.00 for 30 days.
You will then be charged £50/month until you cancel your subscription.

Quarterly product: Your initial charge will be £2.00 for 30 days.
You will then be charged £120/quarter (every 3 months) until you cancel
your subscription
Payment Options

BETS 2 U - FAQ's

If you have questions regarding Bets 2 U you will likely find all the
information you need in our FAQs which will answer your questions
straight away. If you need to get in touch with us directly.

Q. How does Bets 2 U work?

A. By joining Bets 2 U, you will receive an email directly to your
inbox with the day's expert horse racing tips. Bets 2 U's tips are
created using a strenuously tested tipping strategies that have been
tried, tested and profitable over the last four years. Our service has
been streamlined to ensure that anyone from experienced bettors to
complete novices can make long term profit from horse racing.

Q. How can I check a betting service?

A. At Bets 2 U we feel it's vital that our service is transparent to
our members and to people who are still deciding if they want to use a
tipping service. Because of this, we will always show the complete list
of all the past tips right up to the previous day's racing. On the list
you will see everything; winners, losers and near misses.

Q. When will I receive my tips?

A. We send out the days horse racing each day via email, these tips
should be with you between 7am - 10am. Very occasionally, there may be
no tips that qualify to be included on the strategy. In the event of
there being no tips, you will still receive an email notifying you of

Q. What's the difference between the free membership and the paid

A. To generate the day's tips, Bets 2 U has many established tipping
strategies which are then combined using a complex algorithm. The
results of this become the tips for the paid membership. However our
expert tippers also have many selections which they feel are good tips
that have not made it to the paid membership. The most fancied tips
from this are therefore put into the free membership. Please note: The
tips from the free strategy are not included in the list of the past
tips and not included in any of the statistics used regarding the main
paid membership.

Q. How do I start my membership?

A. All our paid memberships are handled through the payment service
Clickbank. Clickbank accepts Visa, Mastercard, Switch & Paypal. To join
the free membership, simply click on the free membership panel and
insert your name and email address you want the tips to be sent to. We
suggest joining both memberships to really maximise the number of
quality tips you receive.

Q. How much is paid the membership?

A. All paid memberships start with a trial period of 30 days for just
£2. We have two options for the paid membership. The standard rate for
the paid membership is currently £50 per month* or £120 per quarter* on
a rolling membership. *plus VAT.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. To cancel future payments you must either:
a) Using your Clickbank receipt which you received after joining, start
a Clickbank support ticket so Clickbank can process the cancellation
for you.
b) Contact us directly with details about the service, your receipt
number, and email address. We will then go through the cancellation
processed for you.

Q. Is it a certain that I will make money?

A. No. With any form of gambling, it is impossible to be guaranteed

Q. How do I place the bets?

A. You must place your bets through your chosen bookie/betting website.
Bets 2 U simply provide the tips, we do not facilitate the bets
themselves. If you are new to betting, we suggest making the most of
the promotional offers many of the major online bookies offer new

Q. How much should I be betting?

A. All of the tips from Bets 2 U are provided in point format. This
enables you to assign your own point value.

Q. I joined today. Will I receive today's tips?

A. If you have joined on a particular day before the tips have been
sent out, you will receive that day's tips. Typically due to the way
our membership works, if you join later in the day after the tips have
been sent, you will not automatically receive that day's tips. Please
contact us directly to request the tips on the day you have joined and
you have not received the email.


BETS 2 U Free Membership

FREE Membership

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